Like many people, I feel an affinity with wood. There is something in our nature that draws us to the look and feel of wood, the harmony and comfort it imparts to our lives. I have worked with wood most of my life, having learned my craft through trial and error, but, after a lifetime of working with wood, I never cease to be amazed by the extraordinary range of color, pattern and variety revealed inside trees.

About 28 years ago I began to explore the box as a form of expression for my interest in woodworking. I focused on small, finely crafted exotic wood decorative boxes. There's a particular charm with boxes. Boxes can be practical and functional. They allow us to introduce order and organization to a portion of our lives - "a place for everything and everything in it's place". They can also serve as a vehicle to display the extraordinary diversity of color and pattern available in nature.

About 22 years ago I began selling my work. My basic tenets were simple; focus on the highest level of fit and finish, strive for good, honest balance and design and to push the form beyond what's expected. I use fine hardwoods to build the structure of my boxes to showcase a 'face' of a special, highly figured, brightly colored or uniquely patterned exotic woods, domestic and foreign. I never use stains or dyes on the wood in my boxes, just the colors and patterns as Nature presents them.

I make boxes in a variety of styles; boxes with fitted lids, boxes with hinged tops and boxes with drawers. While many are more conventional and practical in form, others allow for more expressive approaches to composition and design - thinking "outside the box" - stacking the elements as the mood strikes me. My boxes have been described as lyrical and whimsical, but always I strive to retain functionality and the highest degree of workmanship. Finally, I also do my best to be sure my design compliments and enhances the special character of the wood.