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Celebrating my 18th Year!

Welcome to my web site.

There is something very compelling about little boxes. They can help provide a little order to the chaos of our days and there is a also something special about our relationship to wood. It feels familiar and comforting. I have worked wood most of my life and I am constantly amazed and enchanted by the variety of beauty and diversity that comes from the trees. The variety of color, figure and pattern seem almost limitless and every piece of wood is subtly or magnificently different from all others. For me, working with each new piece of wood is like opening a gift or uncovering a new treasure.

The boxes I make are individually hand-crafted. I design my boxes with simple, honest lines and proportion and I strive for a very high standard of fit and finish. My boxes are finished with only clear lacquer and wax to compliment the natural beauty of the wood.

My boxes feature a face of a uniquely figured or unusually colored wood surrounded by a carcass of a complimentary hardwood to showcase the beauty that nature gives us.

I make a wide range of boxes; large and small, boxes with fitted lids, boxes with drawers and boxes with hinges. I even make some that can mix a bit of all three.

Please browse around and let me know what you think. Maybe you’ll find yourself a special box.

Thank you for your interest in my work

Greg Thomas-Moore 

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The Little Wooden Box Company
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